5 Warning Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

Hibu Websites • Nov 03, 2021

According to Comfyliving.net a family of four in the U.S uses approximately 400 gallons of water per day. The majority of these households need a functional water heater to run smoothly. But like all appliances, even well-maintained heaters can’t last forever. At some point, you’ll need to do a water heater replacement. This, however, doesn’t mean that age is the only factor that leads to water heater replacement. Factors like the accumulation of sediments and breakage might lead to failure. Read on to know some signs that will show you it’s time to replace your water heater.

1. Your Water Heater Starts Making Strange Noises

As your water heater ages, sediment and mineral deposits build up from the cycle of heating and reheating water, especially in larger house households. Eventually, these deposits clog into your system or settle at the bottom of the water tank, where they damage it and cause leaks. When your water heater starts making strange noises, call a professional to determine if your system needs to be flushed or a water heater replacement.

2. You Keep Running Short of Hot Water

If you keep running short of hot water, it means your system is faulty. It’s either there is an accumulation of sediments, which may lead to a smaller space for hot water, or the functionality of your system is slowing down due to age. Either way, you need to call a professional to determine if you need repairs or a replacement. If sediments are left for too long, they may end up destroying your system.

3. A Shift in the Water Pressure

Reduced water flow is an indication that you might need a water heater replacement. If your unit is not too old, a professional can check for sediment build-up or a problem with the plumbing system. Also, if you have hard water in your household, you know that your water heater is prone to sediment build-up. You, therefore, need to service more often compared to homes that use soft water if you want your unit to serve you for a long time.

4. How Long You've Been Using the Water Heater

The age of your water heater is a significant factor to consider when you start having issues with your unit. If it’s more than ten years, consider buying a new unit. A new water heater is not only energy efficient but also economical. Additionally, modern units are more reliable.

5. Varying Water Temperatures

Varying temperatures can be a nuisance to a household. Call a professional if you experience fluctuations and the thermostat is set to the right temperature and if the unit is not old.

Regular maintenance of your water heater can help to preserve and maintain functionality. Sediments and mineral deposits could cost you a good unit. Always contact a professional for quality services.